Car Shipping Calculator – The Cost to Ship a Car Instantly


About The Car Shipping Calculator

The car shipping calculator uses a special algorythm that computes the price to ship a car from anywhere in the country to anywhere in the country.  It is fast, accurate, and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

This car shipping calculator was built to create in instant solution to find the cost to ship a car.


Car Shipping Calculator Variables



  • Distance – The longer the vejicle needs to travel the cost per mile reduced but the miles will add up wards the total rpice.


  • Location – Areas with large populations and metropolitan cities will cost less than shipping a vehicle to or from small towns or rural areas. There are less vehicles for carriers to load. With small towns, you can keep car shipping costs down by arranging for a more urban pickup.


  • Make & Model – Large vehicles like trucks and SUV’s will cost more than small compact cars. More weight means more fuel. Bigger size meands less vehicles can fit on the trailer


  • Vehicle Condition – An inoperable car, truck, van or SUV requires additional work such as the use of  a winch or forklift. This will raise the price. The vehicle must roll and steer.


  • Time of Year –  Seasons like will affect the direction of transport traffic. Winter means vehicles are going south. Summer means vehicles are going north. This is just in general. However our calcualtor knows the difference.